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We, at The Written Circle, wish to celebrate literature, authors, readers, books, stories, and everything else in between! We want to make books a greater part of popular culture because we believe that books add a material, nostalgic, and emotional value to people’s lives. With this in mind, we have built a community of writers and readers that inspire each other. Our aim is to create a space for young and amateur authors to publish their work. We have formed a fraternity of authors and writers who support and encourage each other to explore different subjects, genres, and forms in an unrestrained manner. We have designed this platform to have stimulating conversations about niche and interesting books with writers and readers from all walks of life! Through this, we hope to promote literature and the arts. 


To stimulate and encourage authors, on our social media channels, we regularly publish a writing prompt and introduce a literary theory. We also conduct competitions and workshops to guide and help writers find their voice. We have a reading club that you can be a part of by subscribing to our newsletter. In addition to this, we publish hand-picked curations along with a brief analysis of the texts to introduce readers to a diverse range of topics. Furthermore, our collections comprise lists of brilliant books which sometimes get lost in the noise and are forgotten. 


We pride ourselves for welcoming new and emerging talent. We publish stories and novellas written by young authors. If you have something exciting that you wish for the world to read, our editors will work with you and make sure it is perfect! 


If you are an aspiring author who wants to talk about being published or an enthusiastic reader who wants to be a part of our literary community, feel free to say hello and get in touch with us at -

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