Find Your Next Favorite Book

Economic History

The Making of English working class

by E.P. Thompson 

The Economic History of Latin America Since Independence 

by Victor Bulmer-Thomas 

Bad Samaritans: The Myth of Free Trade and the Secret History of Capitalism

by Ha-Joon Chang 

The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism 

by Max Weber  

German Romantic Literature 

The Broken Jug

by Heinrich Von Kleist  

The Sandman

by E.T.A Hoffmann 

Book of Songs

by Heinrich Heine 


by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Modernism in Chinese Short Stories

A Madman's Diary

by Lu Xun


by Yu Dafu

A Scarecrow

by Ye Shengtao  

Wild Roses 

by Mao Dun 


At The Existentialist Cafe 

by Sarah Blakewell


by Søren Kierkegaard


by Jean-Paul Sartre

The Ethics of Ambiguity

by Simone de Beauvoir


Postmodern Literature in Argentina 

Kiss of the Spider Woman

by Manuel Puig

Artificial Respiration

by Ricardo Piglia 

Fever Dream

by Samantha Schweblin 

Savage Theories

by Pola Oloixarac

Classical World Philosophy

The Treatise of Zera Yacob

by Zera Yacob


by Mencius


by Nāgārjuna 

Avicenna (Great Medieval Thinkers)

by Jon McGinnis


Stream of Consciousness 

Krapp’s Last Tape

by Samuel Beckett 

Break It Down

by Lydia Davis 

Mrs Dalloway

by Virginia Woolf 

Good Old Neon

by David Foster Wallace

Heterodox Economics 

The Value of Everything: Making and Taking in the Global Economy

by Mariana Mazzucato 

Doughnut Economics

by Kate Raworth

Thinking in Systems: A Primer

by Donella Meadows

Debunking economics 

by Steve Keen




by Saint Augustine of Hippo 

In Search of Lost Time

by Marcel Proust

The Unreality of Time

by J. M. E. McTaggart

The Order of Time

by Carlo Rovelli


The Industrial Revolution


by Mary Shelly

Michael Armstrong: Factory Boy

by Frances Milton Trollope

North and South

by Elizabeth Gaskell

Silas Marner

by George Elliot (Mary Ann Evans)

Dalit Literature 

The weave of my Life: A Dalit Woman’s Memoirs

by Urmila Pawar; translated by Maya Pandit 

Poisoned Bread: Translations from Modern Marathi Dalit Literature

edited by Arjun Dangle 


by Bama; translated by Lakshmi Holmstrom

Untouchable Spring

by G Kalyan Rao; tanslated by Alladi Uma and M. Sridhar

Christmas in Literature 

Last Christmas of the War

by Primo Levi

A Christmas Memory

by Truman Capote

The Night Before Christmas

by Nikolai Gogol 

A Redbird Christmas

by Fannie Flagg

Japanese Ghost Stories 

Japanese Gothic Tales

by Izumi Kyoka; translated by Charles Shiro Inouye

Five Modern Noh Plays

by Yukio Mishima; translated by Donald Keene

The Tales of Genji

by Murasaki Shikibu; translated by Dennis Washburn  

Japanese Ghost Stories

by Lafcadio Hearn