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Writing Course Intermediate Level


9 to 11 year olds 


Progress Report 


50 Classes


Two times a week 

The Intermediate level of the Writing Course is aimed at students who have a good grasp of the language and wish to pursue their interest in writing. The course helps to provide the student with a comprehensive understanding of writing. The course is divided into 4 sections. The 1st section helps the student learn the basics of Creative Writing. It aims to help them understand the structure of story-writing and learn the tools required to effectively learn the art of story-telling. They will learn about the language tools and requirements for writing compelling stories. Through the course, students will engage with different genres and types of stories. They will learn from examples and write stories of their own. 

In the 2nd Section of the course, the student will understand the basics of Descriptive Writing. This will encourage them to observe and articulate their surroundings skillfully. This course is designed with the goal of encouraging children to think and with the intention of providing them with the proficiency to express themselves. The descriptive writing section also focuses on expanding the child’s vocabulary by encouraging them to use synonyms in their descriptions. 

The 3rd Section is focussed on Scientific or Informative Writing. This will help the student understand the basics of writing an article. It will teach them how to construct good paragraphs and put forth an argument. It will also help them develop research skills. Students will learn how to comprehend different sides of an argument, research and strengthen their argument, and will be able to coherently articulate their thoughts. 

The main intention of the 4th Section of this course is for students to be able to explore in depth an area of their interest. The 4th section will be a Research Project that the students can design themselves based on their preferences. Under the guidance of the teacher, they can choose a topic of their liking, decide on what aspects they wish to research, and finally decide the language format that they feel confident about. The aim is to be able to let students independently make decisions for themselves and produce work of their choice. 

In addition to this, there are 2 extra lessons which if the child chooses, they can use for additional help regarding school work. We encourage our students to use them around exam time where we revise their syllabus and help them polish topics that they find challenging.  


Learning Outcome - 


  • An in-depth understanding of the different styles of writing 

  • An opportunity for the student to explore their area of interest and dive into it deeper 

  • Ability to understand the basics of story writing

  • The opportunity to publish their writing in a children’s magazine 

  • Ability to understand the basics of descriptive writing

  • An understanding of the analysis required while writing 

  • Increased vocabulary

  • Introduction to research and an understanding of informative writing

  • Throughout the course, students will be encouraged to think critically 

  • An independently completed research project 

  • Increased comfort and familiarity with the language and the student’s ability to articulate themselves


What's included?

  • 50 classes

  • 2 mini projects

  • 1 showcase project

  • 3 assessments and reports

  • 2 free classes for exam revision


AED 42 per class                     $ 12 per class          ₹ 850 per class

AED 2,100      $600      ₹42,500

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