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Writing and Reading Course Advanced Level


12 to 15 year olds 


Progress Report 


52 Classes


Two times a week 

This course aims to tackle challenging topics and helps the student by ensuring a clear and strong understanding of the fundamentals, aiding their transition to the more complex highschool level curriculum. The course is divided into 5 sections with each section strengthening different facets of the language. 

The 1st Section of the course will ensure that the student has a good grasp and foundation of grammar. It will help the student learn advanced level grammar and develop a deeper understanding of sentence structures and the construction tools required for good writing. This will help the student build a strong footing for excelling at the different aspects of the language. 

The 2nd Section is aimed at giving the students an opportunity to understand Descriptive and Informative Writing. It will help them distinguish between the different types of writing and understand the nuances of the language. This will also help the student learn more about their own comfort and identify which form of writing they enjoy the most. Students will be exposed to a variety of skills, including those required for writing online. 

In the 3rd Section of this course, the student will learn in-depth about creative writing. They will have an opportunity to read different genres of stories and poetry. Based on their learnings, they will be advised to independently write stories and poems. Students will also gain a deeper understanding of the language requirements for effective creative writing. 

The 4th Section focuses on Reading Comprehensions. Students will be asked to read fiction and non-fiction comprehensions. Based on their readings, they will be required to answer questions. The aim of this section is to not only help the students develop their reading skills and vocabulary but to also encourage critical thinking and to help them develop their analytical abilities.  

In the final section, the student will learn about Speech Writing. They will understand the basics of writing a speech, learn from examples by looking at different speeches given by children from all over the world, and independently write a speech on their desired topic. The goal of this section is to help the students understand the distinction between the use of formal and colloquial language. Furthermore, it will help them express their views and articulate themselves in an effective manner. 


Learning Outcomes - 


  • A strong comprehensive foundation of the language 

  • An in-depth understanding complex grammar 

  • Increased ease with reading and writing 

  • Exposure to different styles of writing and their individual language requirements

  • Increase in critical and analytical skills

  • Ability to read and comprehend complex texts 

  • The opportunity to publish their writing in a children’s magazine 

  • Increased vocabulary

  • Ability to conduct research independently

  • Under the basics of speech writing and write a speech independently

  • Increased comfort and familiarity with the language and the student’s ability to articulate themselves


What's included?

  • 52 classes

  • 2 mini projects

  • 1 showcase project

  • 3 assessments and reports

  • 2 free classes for exam revision


AED 42 per class                     $ 12 per class             ₹ 850 per class

AED 2,184      $624        ₹44,200

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