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Reading and Speaking

Comprehension Foundation Course 


4 to 7 year olds 


Progress Report 


40 Classes


Two times a week 

This course is targeted towards young learners. The goal of this course is to create a fun environment which encourages young children to speak and read. The course is full of different educational games that the child can play. Each game focuses on a different aspect of the language, like vocabulary, pronunciation, spelling.  This beginner level course is designed to help the student develop an interest in the English language and by extension - vocabulary, reading, and writing. The course is meant to be an effortless and engaging learning experience for the child.


Your child will also have the opportunity to read different short stories. Reading stories not only helps children learn new words and sentence construction, it also helps them engage their imagination. After every story, the teacher will talk to the child and discuss different elements of the story. This will help your child develop their critical thinking abilities. Through a fun and playful course, that your child will think is conversational, our teachers will help your child build a solid foundation and a love for the language. 


Learning Outcome - 


  • Increase in the child’s vocabulary

  • Confidence while speaking 

  • Improvement in spelling

  • Increased comfort with reading 

  • Ease in sentence construction

  • Ability to write short paragraphs

  • Increased comfort with the language


What's included?

  • 40 classes

  • 2 mini projects

  • 1 showcase project

  • 3 assessments and reports

  • 2 free classes for exam revision


AED 42 per class                     $ 12 per class                 ₹ 850 per class

AED 1,680      $504          ₹34,000   

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