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Travel the World with Stories


6 to 9 year olds

9 to 11 year olds 


Progress Report 


40 Classes


Two times a week 

This beginner level course is designed to help the student develop an interest in the English language and by extension - vocabulary, reading, and writing. The course is meant to be an effortless and engaging learning experience for the child. In the duration of this course, the student will read different types of writings, including stories, magazine or newspaper articles, people’s personal anecdotes, historical or cultural facts, of 40 different countries. The intention is to make the student more aware of global societies and their varied cultures.


Throughout all the lessons, children will be encouraged to keep a vocabulary and facts diary where they would write the meanings of new words and interesting facts about different countries. By the end of the course, based on their learning, the student will be required to write about their home country or any country of their choice. They will be advised to research facts and trivia independently. The course also has a lot of printable material that the student can use to create their own scrapbook, if they wish. 

Level 1 of this course is suited for 6-9 year olds. Level 2 of this course is for 9-11 year olds. Due to the popularity of the course, we have included it for an older age group as well. 

Learning Outcome - 


  • Increase in the child’s vocabulary

  • Knowledge about different countries 

  • The ability to identify and distinguish between different types of reading material 

  • Increased comfort with reading 

  • Ability to research and write about a country of choice 

  • An understanding of the basics of research 

  • Extended exposure to different types of reading comprehensions 

  • Increased comfort with the language 


What's included?

  • 40 classes

  • 2 mini projects

  • 1 showcase project

  • 3 assessments and reports

  • 2 free classes for exam revision


AED 42 per class                     $ 12 per class            ₹ 850 per class

AED 1,680      $504      ₹34,000

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