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Live, Personalised English classes for kids


The world needs more thinkers, with The Written Circle Kids, we want to do just that! We want to give children the skills required to become strong independent visionaries. An understanding of the basics of reading and writing from a young age, will not only help your child communicate effectively, it will also help them develop critical and analytical thinking abilities. Studies have shown that children who are exposed to different aspects of reading and writing have significantly developed cognitive skills than their peers. We believe in making learning fun and engaging for the student, with that in mind we have designed courses at different levels to match your child’s interests. Our goal is to expose them to different aspects of the language and to help them independently develop their interests. 

Our Programmes 

We have a course for every child at every level. We have intentionally designed the courses such that they can cater to your child’s interest and can be personalised at every stage.  


Reading and Speaking

Foundation Course 


Travel the World with Stories


Grammar and Reading Comprehension Foundation Course


Writing Course Intermediate Level


Writing and Reading Course Advanced Level

Why learn with us? 

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Personalised Learning

Experienced  Teachers

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Convenient and Safe

Live and Interactive

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You might be wondering 

At what age can my child start the classes?

There is no right or wrong age. Even if you think your child is too young, there is no better time than now to instill in your child a lifelong love for reading and writing. All our courses are age appropriate. Our teachers will tailor the course based on your child’s abilities and interests. 

Will my child be able to understand if the teacher only speaks English?

We have trained our teachers to be responsive to the child’s understanding. They are constantly able to gauge the child’s interest and understanding. If for some reason they feel like the child is finding it difficult to follow, they are trained to alter the lesson and ensure that it is suited to the child’s abilities. Furthermore, our teachers also use the Total Physical Response Method which ensures that they are not just speaking but also emoting using gestures and body language. This aids the child’s understanding and helps them retain information faster. 

What does the child need for the class?

For the class, the child just needs - 

  • A stable internet connection 

  • A smartphone, tablet, or laptop 

  • A notebook and a pencil or pencil

What will happen in the demo class?

For the demo class, one of our teachers will contact you. They will ask you for some information about your child’s age and the areas you wish to work on. Based on that, they will schedule a class with you at a time convenient to you. In the demo class, which will be for an hour, the teacher will teach a lesson to your child. The purpose of the demo is for you to experience the quality of our teachers and our teaching standards. The demo class is completely free. You can book a demo anytime from here

What happens after the demo class?

After the demo, you can talk to the teacher and fix a weekly time that suits you and the teacher. You can finalise the structure of your program with your teacher. After you have made the payment, the classes will be scheduled. You can then track your child’s performance.

Will I be able to talk to the teacher?

Every 2 weeks, the teacher will spare the last 10 minutes of the class to talk to you. This is to make sure that you are happy with your child’s progress and for you to suggest any improvement. But besides this, if there is something that you wish to communicate to the teacher, you can always speak to them at the end of the class. 

Does the parent need to be present during the class? 

The parent does not need to be present during any of the classes. The courses are designed in a manner in which the child is able to express themselves freely to the teacher. However, for the demo lesson, we ask the parents to be present. This helps the child feel familiar and less frightened. 

Can I have personalised classes for my child?

Yes, absolutely! We do not believe in a one fits all model. We believe that every child is different and has different needs. Based on your child’s area of interest or skills that you would like to focus on, our program can be customized. You can talk to your child’s teacher and let them know before starting the areas you would like to improve, based on that, the teacher will alter the lessons for your child. We encourage you to talk to your teacher and find out more about how you can make the lessons best suited for your child’s requirements. 


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Better education for your children

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Reading and Speaking Foundation Course 

Grammar and Reading Comprehension Foundation Course

Travel the World with Stories

Writing Course Intermediate Level

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